Hello world!

Welcome to our blog!

Hi. I’m a developer. And the first thing we developers do is always just to say Hello World. So here it is!

We’re starting our blog today. We’ve been silently working on our product all this while and never made any public facing announcements and never expressed how much we love the problem we’re solving. This blog will essentially be about that.

Socionity basically is looking to empower you to become the new gen digital entrepreneur. You create media, we help you make it a business. Creating apps and starting up seems to be such a daunting task. So many great creators opting to be bad engineers, bad doctors and bad lawyers rather than great media CEOs.

I’ve been building apps all of last decade. I think building the app is such a small part of any business, yet so many people end their dreams because they don’t know how to make an app. With Socionity, we make that process simpler for you. We’ll keep making it even simpler. All it takes is a few clicks and no credit card to get started.

We’ll be writing posts that will help you become an entrepreneur, how we think about entrepreneurship, skills you can pick up and interesting things happening that might shape your business. But it’s all going to be about setting up a great successful and long lasting media business.

I hope you find us useful in any little way. Always happy to help.

If you think you’d be interested, do subscribe and drop in your email address. We won’t spam you, I promise 🙂