Release May 15

Hi, this is our first release update.

We will be talking about the things we’ve launched in this blog going forward. Our release cycles are usually on the 15th and 30th of every month.

This update is about simple changes that make your experience better. Like friends.

Livestream improvements


You will now be able to tap on the viewer count on your livestream to see all the people who are watching your stream right now.

It’s a great way to keep track of who’s attending and you may conduct your stream accordingly

Tapping on the eye icon next to the WiFi strength will show you all the viewers

Ending livestream

Previously, once you end the livestream, users used to get a frozen image of the last frame before you left.

We now have a graceful exit. When you stop streaming, users will get a neat notification saying livestream has ended.

Media Library

All the media you upload now get saved to a media library, that you can re-use.

No need to re-upload the same files multiple times.

The option to add from Media Library will automatically show up when you hit upload image or upload file anywhere in the builder.

Lead tracker

Sign in to access free content

A lot of you have been putting up videos for free as samples. People have been viewing this free content but there was really no way to keep track.

Everyone who is watching your free content is a potential customer and you should know about them.

We now require sign in to watch free content. So, you have information of everyone who has watched your content – you can retarget them.

User filters

You can now filter users in your Users and Notifications section by people who have paid and people who have not. This is an important tool to send re targeting mails to non-paying customers or engaging content to the ones who’ve paid.


Instant Settlements!

The star of this release is instant settlements. This is in beta.

You must go to Payouts in your dashboard and apply for instant payouts. We’re currently onboarding a few customers for this feature before we roll it out to everyone soon.

Be sure to go to your dashboard and make sure you fill up your bank details and apply for instant settlements.

Tap Apply to, well, apply

The settlements are done in t+5 days. Though, the settlement is instantaneous from our end (leaves our bank account immediately), government regulations require that the payouts are put on hold for 5 days from the time of purchase to account for request of refund.

So, practically speaking, you get the money in your account in about 7 working days from the date of payment. But instead of monthly settlements, the payments are settled on the spot – once you’ve applied and have been granted the feature.


Contact Us

On the top right dropdown, people can send you messages and questions.

This has been a repeated ask, especially for users who have a pressing need to contact you to make a purchase decision. Or, in hopefully rare occasions, to contact us for technical support.


A long awaited feature. The first thing we check before installing an app is its rating. Now users can check the rating and reviews of your app before installing.

Seeing other people using the app is a great source of encouragement for a new customer to start using the app

Make sure you encourage your users to rate your app!


When people tap on the share button in your app, they can now share an image and their selfie to their friends or to social media.

This is a great way to help users share the app with a touch of authenticity.

We’re working a lot on Sharing capabilities, watch this space for exciting features coming soon with respect to sharing.

We are super fast at shipping updates. Many of these updates were asked for by creators using our platform. We try our best to solve their problems as soon as possible.

We keep this blog active with the latest features we’ve launched and how we think you can make the most out of running a business online. If you’d like to hear, you should subscribe to our weekly.

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