Even before you launch your app

The journey of your app starts before you launch your app. Make sure you know what you’re building before you put your sweat behind it.

The last thing you want is to launch an app that no one cares about.

Make something people want


You don’t need sophisticated tools to research. Just head over to and try out the following

Auto Complete

Type in the kind of content you are going to create and see if you get auto suggests. If you get auto suggestions of the topic you are considering making, it’s a good sign.

It means that people are searching for such a thing. People probably want this.

If you do not get what you are going to be building in the auto suggest, you might want to reconsider what you are building. That said, many times, if your content is novel – people might not have searched for it before. Especially if it is a niche topic or something that’s been recently discovered or invented.

Auto complete on Google


This is a continuation to the above. We need to see if people really want what we’re offering. Do they want our app?

Another place to do this research is Google Trends.

Here you can type in the keywords related to see how people have been searching for the keywords on Google. This is an interesting insight. This will tell you whether your topic is

  1. New and picking up
  2. Stagnant in demand
    1. People search for it consistently
    2. People don’t and never have been searching for this
  3. Dying demand

You want to build something for sections 1 or 2.1.

You don’t want to build something that no-one cares about.

“Benefits of green vegetables in the advancement of self driving cars” – probably something people don’t care about there’s no search traffic at all. It is unlikely that you will attract attention if you launch content for such a thing. You should know what your audience wants.

Google Trends for something that isn’t searched for

You also don’t want to launch something that was a fad that has died down.

A fad that has died down

You are looking for new topics or evergreen topics – even if it is for a niche. It doesn’t need to have very high traffic. Even if it is for a small niche, but that small niche exists – you are good to go!

Consistent search volume

Or if you are an expert on a new upcoming trend, that’s another avenue. A new trend usually means not a lot of content would have been created. But it also comes with the additional competition. Everyone tries to latch on to a new trend.

A new trend


Again, on Google, search for what you care creating content about.

Do you see ads?

If you see ads, this is something people definitely care about. So much that there exist companies running ads to reach out to customers who are searching for such keywords. It is a good signal. You must look for keywords that usually have just one or two ads running for them. If more, you are probably entering a very competitive landscape – and must be careful. In a competitive space, your customers have so many more options. You need to stand out. It’s not impossible – just harder.

A topic with ads on Google


Once you have done the above research and have found the topic you want to be creating content on your app about, you must start talking to potential customers.

Friends and family

The number one place to ask for feedback is from friends and family members you trust.

Your first 10 customers should come from your friends. If you can’t get your friends to make a purchase, it’s going to be really really hard to convince people you don’t even know to give you money.

Ask them if they’ll buy this content from you. If yes, how much will they pay? What will they like you to talk about in the videos?

You must be confident in reaching out to them and ask the right questions. Make sure you filter out things that your friends might be sugar coating to make you feel good.

You need real feedback.


The next step is to go a little broad and ask for feedback from people who aren’t your family or close friends.

These might be your existing students, existing customers, subscribers to your social media. Ask them would they like to download your app. Tell them what you’d be talking about.

Run polls on social media, invite criticism, ask for suggestions. Rally your followers – seek their help. They might be your first real customers when you launch.

Take their feedback and make it part of your product.

A simple poster for a status message on Social Message

Launch Ready

Once you have taken feedback and you know you are building exactly what people want, you can walk into the app creation process with confidence. You’ll know you are building what people want. You’ll have new ideas you hadn’t thought of by yourself.

Without these, without knowing what your customers want, it’s a futile exercise to launch an app. Make sure you know what you are building, make sure you know atleast a handful of people who will pay you the day you launch.

Once you have that you are good to launch. You can check out our other guides, on how to launch and how to market.

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