Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will people buy my content?

This is a question we get from a Lot of creators. 
Yes, totally. People will buy content if you make it well and get it into the hands of people who want such content. 

Be authentic, genuine and to-the-point. People will buy well made content.

2. Why will people buy my content? There are so many resources out there for free!

That’s a valid concern. 
There is a lot of free material out there. That is also a part of the problem. There is so much free content that it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad. 

Most of the people putting up free content, rarely take accountability. 
The audience is looking of reliable material.
The free content is scattered. If you can aggregate some good material so that your audience doesn’t have to spend time searching for the right set of material, they’ll pay you to do it. Your curation is important, so is your style.
Lastly, your unique style of expressing the same content is very valuable. It shows your authenticity. The audience loves authentic content. They’ll pay for it.

3. How much will it cost me?

You can get started absolutely free of cost! 
You can check the pricing details on the pricing page.

4. How will people come to know about my app?

You‘ll have to market the app.
Once you publish the app, you’ll be given access to a marketing playbook and dashboard that will guide you in marketing the app.
You can also collaborate with independent digital marketing agencies who will spread the word.

5. Is the app available on the AppStore or PlayStore?


This is a next-generation app called a Progressive Web App (PWA). These apps can be opened from a browser like Chrome or Safari and installed on all devices. 

It can be installed on : Android, iOS, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows laptops.There is no need to visit any Playstore or AppStore. 
If you launch an app on the PlayStore or AppStore, you need to pay a hefty non-negotiable fee for each transaction that happens on your app.

6. Who owns the content?

You. 100%

7. Will Socionity do marketing?


Socionity will only provide you a marketing handbook and dashboard to manage your marketing campaign. 

Upon request and availability, Socionity may connect you to digital marketing agencies. You can negotiate prices for marketing efforts directly with them.

8. Why shouldn’t I just hire a developer?

  1. Socionity is free to get started
  2. You get continuous updates and new features
  3. Socionity has a robust well tested infrastructure so that your app doesn’t crash
  4. You can launch in less than three minutes without going to-and-fro with a development team
  5. Socionity has a large and ever-expanding set of integrations. Hiring a developer to implement the same will be expensive.

9. Do I need programming skills?

No. That’s the point! 🙂

2 replies on “Frequently Asked Questions”

I want to create the app for self purpose.but I am not ready to sell any content to others. I wanted to create the app only for my self purpose.

Hi Shanker,
You can register on and request access.
However, we’re currently extending access only to creators who are looking to sell content or monetize the audience.

That said feel free to tell us what you’d like to make on your app by requesting access on Socionity, we review all requests.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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