India’s Top CEOs are backing CreatorOS to kickstart the Passion Economy in India

Funding news is always big news for a startup, but more so when the people backing a startup are also the who’s who of the ecosystem.

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We are delighted to announce that we’ve raised a round of funding from a formidable set of angels in India. Putting together a round of half a million dollars, we will now be deploying the funds to build out the tech and product team along with a strong BD team. We’re hiring!

CreatorOS (previously Socionity) is the place, now is the time.

Who has invested?

The round has been led by India’s most prolific angel investor – Phanindra Sama, founder and ex-CEO of RedBus. Most notably also the earliest investor in, now Unicorn, Unacademy.

The Unacademy group is backing us too. Gaurav Munjal (CEO) was one of the first Angels to commit to this round, closely followed by Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh. Dinesh Godara, Vitul Goyal and Sahil Goyal from Unacademy have invested too. These founders previously ran PrepLadder and WifiStudy.

Major star power added to this round with large participation from Kalyan Krishnamurthy (Flipkart CEO), Sujeet Kumar (Udaan Founder) and Alvin Tse (Xiaomi MD)

That’s not it. We have founders of India’s most awaited set of Unicorns too. Vidit Aatrey (CEO Meesho), Sanjeev Barnwal (Meesho co-founder), Jatin Mazalcar (Meesho CFO), Vivek Hallegere (Bounce CEO) and Farid Ahsan (Sharechat founder) showed belief.

You think that’s impressive? We’re not done. The current-gen fast growing startups’ founders are backing us too. Abhimanyu Saxena (Scaler Academy co-founder), Jerin Venad (CityFlo CEO), Ayush Shukla (Marsplay co-founder), Arnav (Leap Finance CEO) offered their support.

Sri Peddu, Kshitij Golwalkar, Kushal Bhagia (, Vinay Menon (Pravega), Prakhar Agarwal (AngelList India and Adept Ventures) are notable additions to this round.

Phew. That’s a lot of net-worth in one blog.

We would have been fortunate to work with one name from this stellar set. We are beyond grateful that so many big names showed their support, encouragement and belief.

You may have assembled the greatest set of angel backers in any Indian angel round this year ! ! 🙂

– Kushal Bhagia (

Why should you care?

We had been bootstrapped, with just 3 co-founders operating up until now. We were getting a lot of customers knocking at our doors. Things started escalating because of the COVID situation when more and more teachers and artists started taking their offering online. We want to help people make this transition faster and seamlessly.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help. We’re raising this round so that we can build our Sales and Product teams. If you think you can help us at these nascent stages, you should reach out to us ( and let us know! Happy to engage.

We are putting together an A+ team

We’ll finally be able to afford a salary. The work at this stage of the start-up is taxing and uncertain – at the same time lot of fun! A salary mustn’t be why you can’t experience awesomeness. We’ll be generous 🙂

Are you a creator?

If you’ve been a creator with Socionity (now CreatorOS) for long enough, you’d know how tied up our hands have been. You know how we’ve been juggling customer issues and feature requests. We’ve not been able to move fast. But that’s history. We’ll now have a team that will be building the product and ironing out all the issues at lightning speed.

The product will improve manifolds. Your app will become better. Your customers will love it. This is the best thing that could have happened to your app – it getting more love 🙂

This is a great time to sign up to Socionity, you’ll get amazing support from your account manager who will go to lengths to make sure you succeed! Sign up now at

We are going to get on to a super fast improvement cycle. We’ll be making huge leaps in out product. It might be hard to keep pace, but you can always subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.