Our new flexible pricing

We’ve been trying hard to make sure our pricing is consistent with what you want to achieve your goals.

We have 2 plans, each with 2 sub plans. You can choose any one that suits you best.

Plan 1 : Starter Plan

Sub-plan 1 : Socionity Streamer

  • No upfront monthly cost
  • Upto 250 customers
  • 20% transaction fees
  • Access to Socionity video player and live streamer

Sub-plan 2 : Your own streamer

If you have already paid for a Vimeo or Zoom subscription, you can plug that in and don’t have to pay Socionity an extra fee

  • No upfront monthly cost
  • Upto 250 customers
  • 7.5% transaction fees

Plan 2 : Growth Plan

Sub-plan 3 : Socionity Streamer

  • $89 per month
  • Upto 25,000 users
  • 10% transaction fees
  • Access to Socionity video player and live streamer
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer support to your users
  • 24 hour SLA
  • Access to exclusive community events

Sub-plan 4 : Your own streamer

If you have already paid for a Vimeo or Zoom subscription, you can plug that in and don’t have to pay Socionity an extra fee

  • $89 per month
  • Upto 25,000 users
  • 3% transaction fees
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer support to your users
  • 24 hour SLA
  • Access to exclusive community events


Release August 30

This release is a sunrise release, meaning this is one of those releases which will set into motion a spew of interesting features over the next few releases.


So far, you have been uploading videos, pdfs and podcasts. But once uploaded, it just plays like just any other video. That’s pretty crippling especially if you have a range of ideas to make your content even more interactive.

We have built the infrastructure for releasing many addons. The first such is a calorie tracker.

Calorie Tracker

If you have added a video, you can add an addon to the video. You can mark how many calories would have been burnt at what minute.

Tap change video against the video you want to add the addon to & tap on add an Addon. Then select “Calorie Tracker”.

Add checkpoints. If you want to intimate the user tha 100 calories have been burnt at the 10th minute, add a check point with those numbers.

Then save the addon. This addon will now show up on the video when your users open your video.

The calorie tracker will also show up on the Profile where the users will be able to track the calories they have burnt in the entire month.

More Addons

More addons are coming soon like Pop Quizes and Cheers & Boos. These are great ways to make your content more engaging and interactive. We are actively building new addons, if you want one, this is a good time to get in touch with your account manager.


The profile can now be accessed from the dropdown on the top right corner of the app. It now sports all the legal information and a way for the users to update the profile information.

Addons like Calorie Tracker will also plot a graph on the profile showing the progress of the users over time. Most addons come with a Profile Plot. Which means that the addon will not only have interactive element while consuming the content, but can also be used to get a higher level view of progress through a month.

We’re so excited with addons that we are establishing a dedicated team to build addons like the calorie tracker. Again, feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have any specific requests!


You can contact your account manager to generate coupons. Once the coupons are generated, your customers can use a coupon to buy the collection. This is especially useful if you want to give away or gift the collection to some users.

Content Feedback

We have now introduced the oh-so-common feature of likes and comments to your videos and content items. Your users can have discussions and show their love for your content. It’s simple, it’s awesome.

What people love the most about us is how they’re able to improve their app so rapidly without having to indulge with a developer. The app will continue to get better and prettier every single release. It’s awesome.

If you want to stay updated about all our releases, you should subscribe to our newsletter. We write you an update every 2 weeks. That’s it.

Features Paid Content

Integrating with Vimeo

You can now integrate Socionity with Vimeo. You can bring the subscription you already own and start streaming videos on your own app using Vimeo.

This gives you two big advantages

  • There is no minimum price for your collections & videos any more
  • You get a competitive price. (See pricing section towards the bottom)
  • You get the full quality of the Vimeo Player

Getting a new Vimeo Subscription

If you do not already own a Vimeo subscription, you can sign up for one. Please note that you will need a paid subscription in order to use this feature. If you don’t have one already, you can choose one of the Vimeo Plans starting at $7 per month.

Make sure you read the TnC of Vimeo before you integrate with Socionity.

Before integrating Vimeo

You must have published your app

Make sure you hit publish on the dashboard, and note down your app domain.

In the above image, the app domain is “”. Note this domain down. We’ll need it in the next step.

Upload the video to Vimeo

You must upload your videos to Vimeo.

Go to and upload your video.

Change the settings on the video

Open the video you just uploaded from the “Manage Videos” section and choose Privacy under General Tab.

Under “Who can watch?” choose “Hide this video from”

Under “Where can this be embedded?” choose “Specific domains” and enter the domain you had noted when you published the app and “”

Now you are ready to add it to Socionity!

Adding Vimeo to Socionity

Step 1 : Log on to the app builder dashboard

Go to your dashboard and login with the appropriate credentials.

Step 2 : Add a collection

If you have a content tab, you can add a collection using the button on the bottom.

If you do not have a contents tab, you can choose “+ ADD A TAB” and select “Content & Courses”

Step 3 : Add content

First open the collection that you want to add the video to. To do so, tap edit contents.

Once inside the collection, hit “+ ADD CONTENT”

Once you hit add content, you’ll be required to select Vimeo from the set of options.

Step 4 : Connect Vimeo

If you haven’t already logged in, you’ll be asked to connect Vimeo.

Step 5 : Choose the video

Once you are logged in into vimeo, you will be shown all the videos available for embedding.

Tap the “+” icon next to the video you want to add.

Step 6 : Publish

That’s it. Choose if people should be able to see this “Before paying” or “After Paying”, and you’re done. Phew.



$89 per month + Payment gateway charges + 0% Socionity Commission

Unlimited Users

Dedicated Account Manager


No upfront cost + Payment gateway charges + 5% Socionity Commission per transaction

Upto 250 paying customers

For more information you can write to us at


Release August 15

New designs. New ways to keep fans engaged.

New Designs

So far we had a one-size-fits-all design. We realized that doesn’t work. We now have new designs that will change itself to suit your content.

There are 3 categories that are launched, more coming soon.

Rich Content – More than 6 collections

If you have more than 6 collections, we have a theme that will give the customers a quick look at what is available in one glance. It looks pretty. It is funtional.

Before & After

It’s great. You can now break them into categories like “Recommended”, “Popular”, and “Noteworthy”. It helps build trust with people.

This new interface has been designed keeping in mind helping people make a decision quickly. More options there are more they are tempted to see all the options before buying. So this design makes it easier for them to make the comparisons and choose what they should buy.

Adding thumbnails to collections

To make the best of this change, you can add a thumbnail to the collections. Previously, you had to upload a banner image alone. Now you have an option to also upload a thumbnail that looks better on smaller screens.

To add a collection thumbnail :

  1. Tap on settings next to the collection who’s thumbnail you want to set

2. Select edit banner

3. Upload a thumbnail (below upload banner). The dimensions should be 300×400 px (vertical)

Value Content – between 2 to 4 collections

The above design looks bland and empty if you don’t have a rich variety of content collections. We respect the fact that you have fewer collections – probably meaning you have a narrower focus. We now have a design that’ll look great for you too.

Looks great and is functional. Users see the most important information in one glance.

  1. Banner – to give a sense of what to expect. Something to excite them
  2. Cost – how much will it cost them
  3. Reviews & ratings – how do others like it, how many others have bought it

Focused content – Just one collection

If you have just one collection, you’d have noticed that you must make an additional click to open the collection. That’s kind of redundant. We’ve gotten rid of it! When your users open the app, they can buy right away! No frills – just your content.

Your content will be available for purchase with no additional click.

A new Splash Screen

You can welcome your customers using a customized message. It’s a great way to build trust as soon as someone comes to the app.

To customize this, tap on the top left three lines (hamburger menu) and select “App Name and Logo”. There you’ll see an option to type in the welcome message and upload a signature.

A new onboarding

Your users will be given a short guide as soon as they open the app for the first time.


Is it even an app that doesn’t have stories? It’s a great way to keep people engaged every single day. Who doesn’t love a quick update of photos? 🙂 It’s awesome.

To add stories, tap on the left menu -> Engagement -> Stories

Photo Feed

Very closely associated with the above, is a photo feed. You can now upload photos to create a feed of photos. People would love to see more photos you share. Share before – after photos, share upcoming trailers, share backstage photos – anything that helps people fall in love with the app.

To add photos, open a collection -> add content -> Select Photo -> Upload a photo and select “Before Buying”

It will automatically get converted to a photo feed.

Easy Installation

Installation has been pretty confusing because this is a new kind of an app. We’ve made it super simple now. One tap install on Android. Simple installation on iOS.

Clear Payments

Payments should be simple and intuitive. That’s what we’ve now done. Just a simple checkout flow. No frills, again. 🙂

We have a lot of new features coming up in the next few releases. We’ll keep you posted.

Opinion Technology

How does Apple reward it’s App reviewers?

I am a developer with a reach of a few hundred thousand people using my product. For me, some ideologies matter more than others. I’m a hacker and I find Apple’s regulations toxic. Here’s why.


My complaint with Apple is not so much that our business had to take hard calls, as much as how Apple is deliberately denying at worst or delaying at best a free and open internet.


I have not met a single developer in my life who has had their app approved into the AppStore in the first attempt. Even though the terms of use are publicly available, they’re unclear and subject to personal judgement. Even if they were crystal clear, I don’t think hackers even think in those direction. All a hacker cares about is whether they’re able to bring about some efficiency in the world. That’s all we care about. If we’re able to do that using an app. We’ll make that and launch it.

We’ll write elaborate build instructions on GitHub, but reading a review process documentation? What’s that? We don’t even have a system to do that. We have systems called test cases that will find the most obscure of the cases where the app might crash. But not one way to figure out whether it adheres to the policies. Like scientists and engineers, developers happen to lean left.


I feel Apple’s approach has been greatly detrimental to the progress of significant technologies in these recent years. It is unfortunate that great engineers are not able to advance their science just because a legal(?) team somewhere is not as fore-sighted as them.

Crypto Currencies have taken a significant hit because of Apple’s terms. I myself had tried launching a crypto product a few months back. I thought it was a cool idea. It was not even an app that was going to give me any monetary benefits. I just thought it’d be so awesome if we could use crypto currencies in this fascinating new way. Apple had some policy regarding Crypto Currencies which would deem my app inappropriate.

That said, lot of people have gotten scammed in crypto currencies. Apple’s apparently trying to save them. A great way to play safe is to play conservative.


My fundamental problem is not in the policies itself. Though they’re a source of major concern too, but I really care about the right policies the by the right stake holders. I challenge Apple to show us how many developers they have on their App Review team. We have the same problem when Governments try to moderate AI research. Not that we developers somehow magically know what the right thing to do is, quite the contrary – but developers are as important a stakeholder in this as much as the end-consumer is. We need a free-flowing expression of art and a open-minded approach to scientific advancement. We might have scams on the way. But, as humanity, we’ll learn to deal with them.

This last part is not as much as a rant as it is a genuine question. I’m sure the app review team is a huge team. I’m sure there are hierarchies. How is the incentive structure defined for a team like this? I’m sure it would be hard. How does this team promote the right people? What behavior does it reward? What is the north-star metric to see if the teams are doing well? I really want to know. I want to know how a company builds such parts of it’s organization.

Disclaimer : The views are that of the Author, not the company.

Hiring Operations

I never made it through a coding interview

Recently my company hit a point at which I realized I have to make a hire. Things were burning and I wasn’t able to fix it all by myself.

I needed to hire people who would execute. Who can get shit done. I talked to a bunch of people and read around the internet to look for inspiration as to how others run their interviews.

Most companies, startups including, used the Google Interview. Hard algorithm questions, ticking clock complicated edge cases. When I tried to dug into why this was the case, I realized this was pioneered by Google. It was a great test back in the day when no-one else was asking such questions. It was a good test for your smartness. However, now candidates come prepared with a set of questions. When I asked, interviewers tell me they pick the questions from the same websites interviewees use to prepare. I never made it through these interviews, I never studied the questions on these websites out of sheer arrogance. But I think I’m a good fit for my company. I don’t want to shoo away people like me.

I formulated the following interview process. It’s far from perfect, but it’s given me something to start with.


For me the most interesting part of the resume is the dates along side the projects & products candidates have been a part of. Usually resumes have the 2 – 3 most interesting projects that she has been a part of. If the most interesting project is kind of long back, is a red flag.

I screen people by seeing how fast they have improved in their life, more than what interesting things they’ve done. I sort the projects by interestingness and see if the progression in date is the same as the progression in interestingness. Usually, a project that’s more than a couple of years old almost gets me to reject the candidate.

I really like to see the progress one has made from school to current profession. A bad score at school kind of helps because there’s more you’ve had to surpass to get where you are. You need to be a hustler to have a bad score at school and still make it to great places with great work. At the same time, a good score indicates discipline. Scores and GPAs are not deal breakers, but I do evaluate both resumes with a different lens.


The first round of the interview is a take home assignment. The assignment is usually a task that’d take an hour or so.

For example, below is an internship job profile we recently used. We asked people to pick a profile design from and implement it in React.js

Complete disclosure : This is not a promotion for the job. This position is now closed.

I’m looking for how promptly the candidate responds. If you are confident about your skills, you’d be able to quickly judge where to fit this assignment in your schedule and get it done.

It also helps me weed out people who are just exploring. A lot of people I talk to tell me they interview at small startups as a practice for larger companies’ interviews. They’re a waste of my time. Having an assignment completed is a sign that you are really interested in actually working with us.

I don’t look for design patterns or quality of code. I just need to see that it works. If it works to a satisfactory level, you’ve cleared this round.


The last round is a round is a video call interview. 30 min to judge personality – to which I still don’t have a good model other than just looking for good vibes. I’d like to improve here and make it less dependent on the tweets I read just before the interview. How can I make this more objective, I’m still looking for ideas.

The other 30 min is a screen share where I give an extension to the assignment already submitted.

As preparation, I go through the resume’s skills sections to get a hold of what the candidate has already worked on in the past and I look at the code to see what she’s comfortable with. Then I pick a task that she hasn’t worked on before, but at the same time it is just on the periphery of something she’s already done.

For the coding interview, I ask for a screen share and ask the candidate to use Google for things she doesn’t know. If she doesn’t have to Google, I gradually make the problem harder. I need to see how she Googles. Is she a fast learner, can she navigate through stackoverflow, can she read official documentation quickly to get things to work? Lot of weight given to the quality of Google queries. The completion of the task is of lesser importance. But depending on the role I’m interviewing for I look if the candidate has an eye for details that are relevant for the position.

With this I’ve been able to hire with confidence for my company and for a few friends’ companies, and it’s been working out. Would love to hear how you hire, how I can improve. 🙂

We are a company that has been focusing on 1st principle thinking. We usually write about how to build a great business on the internet. If you’re building one, you should subscribe.


Integrate Zoom with your Socionity Account

We are happy to finally bring to you a much asked for feature. You can now integrate Zoom with your Socionity and directly start meetings from your dashboard, without the to-and-fro of copy pasting links.

How to install

Log on to your Socionity account. If you do not have a Socionity account, you can request access here.

To start a meeting you must follow the following steps :

  1. Open the collection of your choice
  2. Tap on Add Content
  3. Select Zoom Meeting / Webinar

Login with Zoom

Once you add a Zoom Webinar / Meeting, you’ll be prompted to login with Zoom.

Create a new Meeting / Webinar

Start the Meeting / Webinar

That’s it! The notification will automatically be sent to the people who are a part of the collection this meeting/webinar is a part of.

You can then join the meeting on you your Zoom app by tapping on “Start Meeting” or “Start Webinar”


  • If you want to create a meeting with your students and have a face to face classroom setting
  • If you want to provide one to one help and support to your customers
  • If you want to conduct a webinar where more than 50 people are likely to join in


  • You need a Zoom Account
  • If you want to conduct Webinars, you will need a Pro account
  • You will need to have access to Socionity Dashboard


  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Socionity app.
  3. Click the Socionity app.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Customer Support

Should you need any help, you can always contact your Account Manager or contact us at

You will have an SLA of 24 hours. If you are on a Socionity Pro account, you’ll have an SLA of 1 hour. We will help you resolve any issues you have with respect to Zoom meetings/webinars or your dashboard in general.


Release July 30

We’ve been building amazing new infrastructure that took longer than expected. We missed our July 15 update. We’ll make up for it here, i hope.


You can now charge people in their native currencies. You can set the price in your local currency and it will automatically be converted into their currency.

Pricing Parity

We don’t just use currency conversions to display the price in a foreign land. We use pricing parity to detect what should be the right price. We take into account the live currency conversion, the strength of the currency and what the average costs of related material is in their home country.

That means you don’t need to worry about setting a new price for each country. We’ll do the math and pay you in your local currency.


We now integrate seamlessly with PayPal. All your customers from abroad can pay you in their local currency using their most loved payment mechanism. They can also pay using cards. And very soon more payment modes like Venmo which will get added.

Great Integrations

A lot of you have already been using various other tools like Zoom, Vimeo etc. And when you’ve already taken a Pro plan for those, it doesn’t make sense to pay for those features again.

We’ve now have a way for you to bring your existing Vimeo and Zoom subscriptions and add them to your own app.

Brand new pricing

When you bring your own Vimeo and Zoom subscriptions, you can move to our brand new pricing plan, where you pay us only a 7% transaction fees as against 30% before.

This is great for people who already have invested in such services and are looking for a way to put them all under one roof – your own app. Socionity will let you integrate with other services you’ve already purchased and let us take care of your app, payments, user management.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube breed fake news and it can’t be stopped.

Twitter recently got a lot of attention for fact checking President Trump’s Tweet. This path is dangerous at worst, futile at best.

These mega-platforms operate on attention as a currency. More re-tweets, more likes, more subscribers all mean more eyeballs on your content and on your life. The most successful YouTuber is the one who has the most subscribers. The biggest Twitter celebrity is the one with most followers.

It’s always a race to the top. You have to keep attracting a new audience every single day. That is when you reap the rewards. On Youtube you make actual money through ads as a consequence of having viewers watching the ads, on Twitter you win dozes of dopamine for social validation.


For attracting more eyeballs, you must say things that stand out from the rest of the information. Because, if you are saying the same thing everyone else is saying, it’s probably not interesting – not going to attract attention. A lot of people just don’t have original contrarian ideas. A lot of journalists don’t have access to on-ground news. How can you say interesting stuff? You cook it up. Same news, same idea but attractive polarized words. And it’s not only the creator’s fault. That is exactly what the audience wants too. They want something exciting everyday on Prime Time, they want to believe they live in a happening, ever changing society.

The truth is society changes not much at all for long periods of time. A lot of our lives are infact boring an mundane. An alien who visits earth after looking at our news channels, instagram profiles and reddit discussions will have a disappointing vacation. Nobody looks great all the time as their Instagram profile says, nobody is as fun and excited 24×7 as their vlogs might suggest, no one is as wise as they seem on Twitter.

You get the point. To win on social media, you have to show the world something different. For most people, that translates to sensational. Most sensational content is not a representation of truth. It leans on fake news, polarization, hate.

The system incentivizes fake news. You can duct-tape a few here and there, like what Twitter tried to do with Trump. But, you can’t fix the underlying problem.


We have far too much stimulation. We always have friends eating at fancy restaurants, colleagues sky diving, relatives being politically knowledgeable. It’s all one large illusion.

But that’s what we seem to want. We want an escape from the mundane life that we all live. We all admit that we live a boring life. Our escape is on the internet. My street might have crickets, but my Instagram feed has a gala going on. It’s just so much more fun.

We must embrace these dynamics. This might be the last generation that believes what they see on the internet.

Stopping fake news from getting published is a futile exercise. What Twitter needs is not to stop fake news, but to mold the product into one that embraces fake news. Because, whatever you do, such content is going to get created. You could stop one kind today, another will come up tomorrow. It’s a losing battle. Always.

The tech world must embrace fake news, not fight it.



WhatsApp forward” is now beginning to substitute the term “fake news”. This is a great sign. Ours will be the last generation that says “I read that on the internet, must be true”. Tech changed so fast, we’re still adapting to what it has thrown at us. We’ll learn. We’ll learn to filter, we’ll learn what and how we believe what we hear.


Again, using WhatsApp’s example – the “Forwarded” label on forwarded message is genius. It doesn’t say whether it’s true or not. It just says “Look, this is forwarded, take it with a pinch of salt”. It leaves it to the people to learn what kind of forwards they get.

We need more such product optimizations on our social media. Not a bunch of people deciding on the truth. We need scalable solutions.


The combination of the above changes will evolve into a new platform that looks nothing like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. It will be a platform that fundamentally changes the incentives of the participants. Designing incentives defines user behavior.

One such mechanism is to incentivize thoughtful content. A creator shouldn’t have to seek a million subscribers. Having a deeper relationship with a smaller audience might help creators’ base line happiness and help weed off sensational content. It’ll make the internet a better place.


TikTok ban – A mistake you didn’t know you were making

If you are left stranded by the recent TikTok ruling in India, you’ve been making a classic business mistake. Being an influencer is akin to being an entrepreneur. You have to sense the pulse of the industry before it becomes mainstream – and figure out a way to get the market to pay you.

Digital-only businesses

If you are an influencer, you are running a digital only business. Unfortunately, this is a new kind of business. The playbook for such an endeavor isn’t yet well defined. This is a new concept, that’s been around for barely 5 years or so. To make things worse, it’s a fast evolving space. Every year you have a new product. Facebook – Instagram – Snapchat – Tiktok. Every few months you have a different kind of videos that become relevant.

You must keep changing. Your audience must not.


Whether you are on Youtube, Instagram or TikTok, the changes that are outside your control should not affect your fanbase. You are in a business of eyeballs. If you don’t own the eyeballs, you are on thin ice.

TikTokers learnt it the hard way. In one swing of the sword, they’re out of business. Some of them have started building their audience on Instagram or other clones. But they have fundamentally lost the audience and are having to rebuild almost from scratch.


TikTok, Instagram and the like give you great visibility. There are millions of users who are always getting bored of content they’re consuming. When they’re looking new content, new entertainment, they might find you.

But the reverse is also true. They’ll one day get bored of what you provide in the midst of the other millions of creators’ content and easily switch.

Jumping ships is far too easy on social media. That’s been the breakthrough of this generation of internet companies. Reversing that will be the next.

Building a customer base that sticks with you no-matter-what is important. It is hard to get them to jump on to your ship. You need to be really valuable for people to want to jump in. But once they are in, they’d not want to leave either. You have a loyal fan base. Smaller, but more loyal.

Asking a user to join you in your journey and stick with you is a tough job.

But, if you’re not creating enough value for them to consider you worthy of their time and effort in joining you – are you really creating a long lasting business?


Any business has two distinct steps. First, establish a strong foundation by providing value in a specific niche. Second, diversify to future proof yourself.

A restaurant adds items to its menu, opens franchisees, goes online.

A lot of influencers identify themselves in unison with the platform itself. “I’m an Instagramer” – that statement itself shows lack of diversification. If Instagram were to not promote their content, if Instagram bans them, Instagram gets replaced by a new app, Instagram gets banned – they’re stranded. Not only did they lose their cash cow, they also lost all the hard earned followers.

Most influencers are generating their livelihoods with brand collaborations and ads. They are at the mercy of other companies. If TikTok goes off they have no pricing power to claim high amounts from brands any more. If the brand that does business with them has a bad quarter and cuts off marketing spends, the influencer is now left with a revenue source cut off with no fault of theirs.

You’re getting diversification wrong

A lot of TikTokers say they’re on Instagram too. Lot of Instagramers say they’re also on YouTube. That’s barely any diversification. It’s better than nothing at all. But it’s still futile.

It’s hard to build an audience. Building it on two platforms is very hard. Three, almost impossible. You might as well build one audience really well and diversify the ways you make money off of that audience. If you have a loyal audience, you have the luxury to build multiple sources of revenues. Think brand collaborations, launching your own brand, premium content, fundraisers. The possibilities are endless and new opportunities will keep getting created. Are you positioned to capture that?

But if you are building an audience and a business(es) on top of it. You must be absolutely sure that no one can take the audience you’ve created from you.

Things go wrong all the time. Not putting all the eggs in the same basket keeps you alive in a drought.

Leave Instagram?

No. Instagram is great. It’s fun. People love it. So should you.

But you should know what you are signing up to. Instagram might become irrelevant any day. But you can still build an audience there. You can get discovered there. These are all the merits. Exploit them.

But always build loyalty. From day 1. Followers may come and go. But fans stick. Make sure you’re getting more fans, not just followers. Always give a way for your fans to upgrade. How can a follower become a pro-follower? What’s the next step in the journey?

These are the people you don’t want to lose. These are the people you want to find through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok. Then promote them to your own exclusive club. Your own email list, your own whatsapp group, your own app. Very few people need to be given this opportunity. But these people are going to be so loyal, if the rest of the system starts crumbling, they’ll be there to keep you going.

Give these people great value that they don’t mind paying you in return.

These people exist on all social media. Social media is great for scouting them.

Your job is to give them a way to graduate out of just being a follower.

We write a lot about how you can build your digital business in this new decade and future proof yourself. If you’re in it to win it, you should subscribe.