Features Release

Release 30 May

This release was making the app builder look beautiful and help your users show love in the app! This has been one of the most major releases we’ve had in a while. Lot of changes – including breaking changes. Read on!

[!] Image Resolutions

This is a breaking change. Please update your app with the relevant images.

Image restrictions have been imposed on two images on the app. In the last release we published the recommendations of the image sizes to be used. However, you should update your app with the new image sizes. Wrong image sizes will lead to a sub-par experience.

We have added template images that you can pick from. These are powered by artificial intelligence to give you relevant images when picking a thumbnail.

Tab Banner Images

Required Resolution : 1000×3000 px

This is the same resolution as that of a YouTube or Playstore cover image.

You should use the banner image to quickly give a gist of what the tab is about. Keep it to 2-3 words on the tab banner.

Example of a tab banner

Collection Banner

Required Resolution : 1920×1200

This is a landscape banner ideally to be used to give a quick information about your collection and why one should buy it.

You can now add videos as the banner.
If you are adding a video banner, please note

  • Resolution must be as mentioned above
  • The first few frames (~1 second) has a nice visual
A sample collection banner image

App Icon

Required resolution : 512 x 512 px

This is the resolution required by Apple. You may include a border radius of 32px if you want rounded borders.

[!] Sunset on sales banner image

We’re discontinuing the sales banner image in favour of the more interactive collection video. We encourage you to mention the benefits of the collection in the video rather than elaborate banners and text. This helps bring out your personality.

Effective next release, 15 June, the sales banner will be discontinued completely. Please do update the collection video before that.

UI Changes

The app builder has a new theme. But that’s not the point.

We’ve promoted the most used features to the top and made it more accessible. So you won’t have to search for most options you use daily!



A popular feature request was to make the builder usable on a laptop. We’ve done just that. The app builder loads smoothly on the laptop with a laptop specific interface.

Spoiler : Coming soon are keyboard shortcuts!


Payments are now visualized on the left hand side menubar. It is represented using a clean graph so that you can track your progress in one glance.

We also set targets you should hit to help you stay motivated and focused.

Livestreaming Co-hosts

Another popular request!

You can now see all the attendees of your livestream and invite any of them to cohost.

Once invited for a co-host, everyone can see you and the co-host. It’s like inviting someone to the stage along side you.

Now you can do podcasts, talk to your students or jam together on the livestream!

Co hosting livestreams


That’s right, what’s complete without a selfie?

We’ve launched a simple way for your users to click a selfie after every live session or video and share it with their friends.

Sharable socialmedia cards after each session

Social validations

Users can now rate your app and review your collections. It will be visible clearly to anyone looking to buy the collection. It’s a great push.


If a user invites another user to your app, the new user gets 30% off on their purchase. The person who referred will get 30% off on the next purchase.

We make it super simple to share the app.

Sales Page

You can now add a sales page as a tab.

We recommend making this the first tab. This is great especially to tell people what this app is about. You ‘ll be required to answer 4 basic questions to set this up. It is based on research that helps you drive more sales.

Now you can be scientific about your sales. This is a must have if you run Facebook ads to drive traffic to the app.

Group Chat

Any user who pays for anything on your app will get exclusive access to a group chat inside the app. No frills just an awesome groupchat.

This is a great place for all the fans to chit-chat in this exclusive space 🙂


You can now choose from an array of beautiful themes curated and painstakingly designed just for you.

We will keep adding to this already long list. Do check it out!

Next Release

We’re now sharing with you our product development status and roadmap! This is the same tool we use internally to track our progress. Now you can see it too and comment on features you want most!

Check out our Product Roadmap

You can also add feature requests using the same link. You’re our product manager now.

We’re always building the best product for you to create a great sustainable process. We are on your team. You should follow our updates.


Offline classes Online using Zoom?

The most popular way to your offline classes online is to do it over a video call on Zoom. That completely misses the point.

Offline to online is not a button on Zoom. It’s a process in your mind. Most people we’ve been talking to say Zoom is a great temporary solution, once things are back to normal we’ll go back to our offline classes. Yoga teachers, dance instructors and tutors across the board seem to share this sentiment. But what they miss is, it is going to take a really long time for things to go back to normal – if it ever does.

You’re probably wrong about the post corona world

Once the lockdown is lifted, doesn’t mean things will magically come back to normal. People have lost their jobs and in some cases, their dear ones. People know the crisis isn’t going to get over in a day when the governments say so. We’re far away from having a solution to the situation. And by the time we’ve fixed it, our mindsets would have fundamentally changed. People aren’t going to go back to what they were doing in November, the day the governments decide to open up the economy.

This is an opportunity to take your offline classes online. It’s a shame our education and knowledge-sharing still happens offline. Everything else has moved online – entertainment, communications, retail. Somehow, education trails. We have had pioneers like Coursera, Udemy and more recently Unacademy who’re trying to help shift education online. All the schools are shut and universities are struggling to stay on schedule. Why is that? Why didn’t we all just move our offline classes online last decade?

Corona isn’t presenting an opportunity. It’s exposing our weakness and reluctance to adapt. But not all’s lost.

Don’t survive, thrive

We’ve noticed that most offline classes can go online. This is a moment in history where a virus separates out the winners from the losers. Those who adapt, win – those who don’t, succumb. It is time to change the way that we look at these businesses.

Zoom calls are great if you are only going to be teaching the same students whom you were teaching in November. You know exactly who they are and have a personal relationship with them. You probably collect payments informally. Or, worse, maybe you don’t charge them at all because you’re too shy to ask for money. If that’s how you are operating that’s a step down. You cannot take your offline classes online and continue to just do what you were doing. You have to change.

Offline classes online


You must be professional in collecting payments. If you’re giving your services, your knowledge – by no means should you hesitate to charge. Nothing kills a business like not charging customers money. Obvious – right?

One of our favorite creators on giving a quick tip to her peers!


You must take your offline classes to globally online. Don’t restrict your classes to just the people you were already serving. You probably were putting up pamphlets in your apartment, sending messages on society Whatsapp groups. That needs to change too. You must, and can, capture students from across the world. Your total addressable market grows from people in your zip code to the entire human population. But you must learn to reach them. Social media to your rescue. People are spending all their time on social media. Learn to be good at social media. Learn to run successful Pages and Profiles. Learn to run ads online. You can do all of this by yourself. All you need is the zest to make it happen. You must operate like an entrepreneur – running a startup. Your offline class online is a startup. Potentially a billion dollar startup.


You can do all of this yourself. You need to ramp up your skills. Learn to operate social media. Learn to get good video quality on your mobile device. Learn to do marketing. You’ll be unstoppable. You’re on your way to building a solo unicorn. A one member Billion Dollar company.


Once you have picked up all of these skills which shouldn’t take you more than a week, you should be off to the races. That is when you choose the tool you’d use to take your offline classes online.

You can still pick Zoom, as long as you’re thinking about this progressively. Choose Zoom because it suits what you’re trying to achieve. Not because everyone else is doing it.

There are platforms available like Udemy and Unacademy that you can use to plugin your courses along with thousands of others.

If you’re the kind that wants to have complete ownership what you do and launch your own app to take your offline classes online, and operate like a true professional entrepreneur, you must check out

Whatever tool you choose, taking your offline classes online should revolve around how can I make this larger than I could ever make my offline classes. If you do it well, you’ll regret you didn’t start this earlier. You’ll regret in a good way.


Of course, to make things work you need a secret ingredient – Luck. Whether you believe in destiny or not, you need to give luck enough chances to strike you. Try various things and see what sticks. See where you get lucky.

I wish you all the best luck in your endeavors! Cheers!

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